Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rx in Peace

I came into my office/recording studio/bedroom this evening, and found a slumped figure, translucent smoke in the yellow light, iridescent rag for a face and black a galaxy behind. I approached him, and could hear swells of sound coming from the speakers of the computer. Vaguely familiar. He was merely a shell, an empty husk. Dust. I went to nudge him, and he turned into ash dancing in the light from the moonlamp...into the carpet.

It is unclear how this figure got here; but he left a note, and a .zip folder on my desktop. The note (pictured below) detailed that I was to post this last album, "c.STRS" (see below) for free on this website and to never delete this blog. To let it stand as a capsule.

From what I can gather, RxRy has turned in his shadow. Next to my desk, on the floor, was a box of vinyl records...copies of Alpha, with another note (shown below).

purchase "a" here

He left this new album, "c.STRS", for his fans for free, as a full circle. He wanted to share it with you, and I have decided, against my better judgement, and with total respect for this character, to honor his final request. I suppose I had an inclination that all this time...I was host to a ghost guest.

Best/Forever/Signing Off
_RxRy Matthew J. Sage

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